EPlus Charger for mobile devices
The only charger that can keep up with YOUR Active Lifestyle
EPlus Charger Features:
Charge with virtually ANY battery source
Will charge almost any mobile device that you can charge from a USB port
Robust and Waterproof
Everything you need in one box
Wide range of accessories


Perfect for : Outdoor Enthusiasts • Remote Workers • Emergency Situations

The EPlus Emergency Charger for Mobile Devices is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, remote workers and families that want to stay in touch and safe when they are miles from a working power outlet.

The waterproof, dirt-proof and durable EPlus weighs just 13 ounces and charges your devices FAST with almost any kind of battery –the 9-volt battery from your smoke detector, the D-cells in a flashlight, a 6 volt lantern battery, or the provided AA size. The high-visibility yellow case lets you conveniently store your charging cables, headphones or extra batteries.

It’s perfect as an emergency phone charger for all iPhones, all Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, LG and HTC phones – in fact just about any cellphone that charges through a USB port.
But it’s not just  phones… The EPlus will charge tablets and almost any device that charges via a USB port such as GoPro Cameras, and more.

With the ability to store long-life batteries in the environmentally-protected case, and the waterproof electronics, you are insured that you have charging power when you need it most.

We have firefighters in El Dorado County, fishermen in Alaska and biologists in the Nevada desert that swear by the EPlus Emergency Charger!

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EPlus Emergency Charger



Remote Workers

That’s Cool… But I don’t have an active lifestyle!

Everyone can benefit from an EPlus Charger

  • Keep one in the house in case of emergencies such as flood, earthquake, wild fires.
  • Keep one in the car in case of accidents, storms.
  • You never know when you will be be the victim of mother nature and will be without power.
EPlus Charger gives you the peace of mind to know you can always charge your mobile device!

Right now you can get your EPlus Charger for just $69.95
The EPlus Charger at a glance

Long Storage Life

The EPlus comes with Lithium one-time-use batteries that hold their charge for 5 years.
You don’t have to worry about that rechargeable battery losing power over time.

Works with virtually any battery

The versatile cabling and unique power converter works with almost *any* battery – car batteries, 9V from your smoke detector, 6 volt lantern batteries carried by emergency responders, D-cells, AA-cells – they all work.

Stores your cables, accessories and spare batteries

The EPlus is built in to a 4.8” X 3.6” case that not only *is* the charger, but has room for your cables, earphones and extra batteries.

Charges FAST!

This powerful device charges at up to 1500 mA / hour. On many phones, this is about 1% of capacity per minute. The provided AA batteries supply 3000 mAh of power. Plus, when they run out, you don’t need an outlet to recharge them, just grab the nearest battery and you are immediately back in business.

Durable and water/dust proof

The EPlus not only comes incorporated in a shock- and crush-proof (we’ve run over it with a truck!) Pelican ™ case, but the case is water resistant and the electronics are molded into a waterproof seal.

Great for iPhones and iPads

The Eplus Charger is the perfect campanion to your iPhone and iPad.
The new iPhones do work best a MFI (Made for iPod/iPad/iPhone) charging cable that we do not provide, but this is due to the cable, not the charger itself.

Great for Android Phones

The EPlus has been tested with all the latest Andrid phones so whether you have a Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, an LG, HTC or whatever the EPlus will just work.

If it’s got a USB port, we can charge it

The EPlus has been tested with over 100 different devices, and charges them all without issue.
The EPlus “just works”.