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EPlus Emergency Charger for Mobile Devices



EPlus Emergency Charger for Mobile Devices

The EPlus is a complete emergency charging solution for smart phones, cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices. The patent pending smart charging unit ships complete in a high-visibility yellow, water-resistant Grab-and-Go case with all necessary cables included.

  • Uses any available direct current source – 6V-12V batteries
  • Charges devices as easily as wall chargers
  • Smart charger determines the maximum charging rate
  • Self-contained case
  • Perfect addition for household, dormitory, vehicle or business emergency/disaster kits
  • We recommend Lithium batteries which  hold their charge for up to 5 years
  • Flexible solution allows the use of available batteries from household items, camping and hiking equipment – even a family member’s electronic games
  • Water and dust resistant case with waterproof electronics
  • Charges smartphones, tablets, iPods, iPhones – or just about any product that uses a USB cable to charge
  • Weighs just 13 oz

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