Introducing the EPlus™ – The Emergency Charger for Your Mobile Devices

A Perfect Solution for First Responders, Families, Campers, Boaters and more… to charge your mobile devices during power outages and extreme conditions.

Whether you’re an adventurer or just want to protect your family in the event of an emergency, you want to quickly and reliably charge your device.

We’ve made the EPlus a top-of-the-line durable, waterproof device that provides fast charging for your phone with virtually any battery. It charges about twice as fast as most chargers and comes with batteries with a 5-year shelf life.

Our Story

In the summer of 2012, David, an avid sailor, was helping a friend outfit his 32’ sailboat for cruising. He was surprised that his sailing friend had to use “shore power” – a land based wall outlet – to charge his phone instead of the battery power on the boat.

Genoatronics’ first product was a two-port mobile device charger that operated off of the boat’s 12V batteries. When shopping in REI, David was intrigued by the protective waterproof, hardshell cases they sold there. What if we built the charger into the case…?

Superstorm Sandy hit that October, and while watching the images of panicked East Coasters trying to find outlets to charge their mobile devices… and the EPlus™ Emergency Charger was born.

Why the EPlusTM?

  • Fast – Charges as fast as most wall chargers.
  • Universal – If your mobile device can charge from a USB port, the EPlus can charge it.
  • Solar cells? Too slow, or too bulky, or both!
  • Rechargable battery packs? Still need wall power to charge. If the power is out for several days, you’re just out of luck. And after a year of storage, they’re drained of power anyway.
  • Hand cranked chargers? So much effort to charge just a small amount.

The EPlus’ shock proof case will hold all the cables you need safely, protected from water, dust and the rest of what the world has to throw at it. The included batteries can be stored for over 5 years and be ready to charge your device when you need it.

No Outlet Needed. Ever.