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The Rise of Superman, Steven Kotler & Saving Your Own Life

by Celeste Noelle
Flow. Steven Kotler describes it best: “It is a rare state of consciousness where action and awareness merge, self vanishes, time slows down, and major aspects of physical and mental performance skyrocket.” For those of you who have read Steven’s book, The Rise of Superman, you already know that there are 17 flow triggers. One of those 17 just so happens to be ‘high consequences.’ Having high consequences increases our focus and intense focus just so happens to be needed to get to that flow state you so desire. For all of you action and adventure flow junkies out there […]

An FEMA Canine Interview – And Why That Job Isn’t So Easy

by Celeste Noelle
As written by Jessica Stapf of FEMA: What was the toughest job interview you ever had? A grueling Q&A session with a panel of people in intimidating suits? Or maybe it involved a test or a simulation? No matter what your toughest job interview experience, I bet you’ll be impressed by the gauntlet of tests to become a certified FEMA canine search and rescue team. There’s a reason why the dogs and trainers that are part of FEMA’s Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces as Canine Search Specialists are so good at what they do. The standards we have for […]

Keeping Your Insulin Cool in an Emergency – Or While On Foot

by Celeste Noelle
RethinkSurvival.com recently published a post about the FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet we found pretty cool here at EPlus. “The FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet Large is a diabetic medication cooling system that utilizes water to keep cool for several days. With no refrigeration required, the Frio Wallet Large is great for use while traveling and can be used in temperatures up to 120°F. To use, immerse the wallet into cold water for 5-15 minutes so the crystals inside the wallet expand into a gel; once completed, the FRIO is ready to use. The FRIO Wallet Large is able to hold either […]

5 Essential GoPro Accessories

by Celeste Noelle
5 Essential GoPro Accessories So…you got your GoPro Hero 4. And you’re ready to use it until just can’t find any more ways to use it! Essentially, you’re going to be using that thing for a long freaking time. Perfect! Here’s a list – derived from TechRadar.com – of must haves for you to make sure you’re GoPro can keep up with your creativity. For more essential GoPro Accessories, click here. GoPro Accessory #1: Jaws Flex Clamp “This flexible mount enables you to attach a GoPro quickly and easily to almost anything you can clamp. What sets the Jaws apart […]

The Right Gear For Being Prepared

by Celeste Noelle
Being prepared in an emergency can require a lot – as you well know. Here’s a few suggestions and links to help ensure you and your family remain warm and protected in the event of an emergency. Wool Socks    These are best to store for keeping your feet warm when there’s no heat in any emergency. Wool is antimicrobial meaning that they inhibit the growth of microorganisms so in the event that you can’t take that daily shower for a few days! Check these Smartwool crew socks out for longer lasting protection that also is comfortable for your feet. […]