How Remote Workforces stay connected

Get the EPlus Emergency Charger for Mobile Devices
Adventure Anywhere, Charge Everywhere, No Outlet Needed

Stay Charged While Working Remotely

The EPlus Emergency Charger for Mobile Devices is perfect for individuals and teams who are working remotely and need to keep their mobile devices charged so they can stay in touch when they are miles from a working power outlet.

The waterproof, dirt-proof and durable EPlus weighs just 13 ounces and ounces and charges

your devices FAST with almost any kind of battery –the D-cells in a flashlight, a 6 volt lantern battery, or the provided AA size. The high-visibility yellow case lets you conveniently store your charging cables, headphones or extra batteries.

The extremely durable case and sealed electronics insure that you have charging power when you need it most.

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