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Recent News and Tips relating to the EPlusCharger, and the reasons you should have one to hand at all times.

  • The Rise of Superman, Steven Kotler & Saving Your Own Life

    Flow. Steven Kotler describes it best: “It is a rare state of consciousness where action and awareness merge, self vanishes, time slows down, and major aspects of physical and mental performance skyrocket.” For those of you who have read Steven’s book, The Rise of Superman, you already know that there are 17 flow triggers. One of those 17 just so happens to be ‘high consequences.’ Having high consequences increases our focus and intense focus just so happens to be needed to get to that flow state you so desire. For all of you action and adventure flow junkies out there […]
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  • Tropical Storm Bill Hits Texas

    In the article written by Ed Payne and Ralph Ellis of CNN, “Tropical Storm Bill hasn’t been quite the storm meteorologists anticipated, but it was still bringing significant rain to areas of Texas that have dealt with significant flooding. “Some areas near Houston had nearly 2 1/2 inches of rain Tuesday, the National Weather Service said. Forecasters were concerned that the storm would dump much more rain overnight. “‘North side of TS #Bill has strong storms to contend with tonight,’ the Weather Service’s office in Houston tweeted. “There were flash flood warnings for southeastern counties, the last of which was […]
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  • El Nino 2015 and the Start to Undoing the California Drought!

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its monthly El Nino forecast today. Andrea Thompson and Climate Central write in their post on Scientific American, “[NOAA’s trajectory is] calling for a better than 90 percent chance that this event will stick around through the fall months, and an 85 percent chance it will last through the winter. Forecasters also took their first stab this year at projecting the intensity of the event, with the odds right now favoring a strong El Niño. There is, as always with such forecasts, the niggling possibility that it could remain a weak event [...]
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  • An FEMA Canine Interview – And Why That Job Isn’t So Easy

    As written by Jessica Stapf of FEMA: What was the toughest job interview you ever had? A grueling Q&A session with a panel of people in intimidating suits? Or maybe it involved a test or a simulation? No matter what your toughest job interview experience, I bet you’ll be impressed by the gauntlet of tests to become a certified FEMA canine search and rescue team. There’s a reason why the dogs and trainers that are part of FEMA’s Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces as Canine Search Specialists are so good at what they do. The standards we have for […]
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  • Nepal Earthquake…But Is There Good News?

    Our hearts go out to the Nepal casualties and survivors. With over 5,200 deaths and 10,000 injured, there is much to be done, debris to clean and healing to be had. BUT…there IS good news! Technology. Yes, the very social media, search engines and tech companies in general that we use day-to-day, often take for granted and have full-blown debates over are the very companies helping to save lives and assure family and friends all is well. What are we talking about? According to NPR, “As the nation struggles to deal with the devastation of a magnitude 7.8 earthquake that […]
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  • FEMA’s New App That Provides Weather Alerts Across the Country

    FEMA launched their new app on April 14th, allowing “users to receive alerts on severe weather happening anywhere they select in the country, even if the phone is not located in the area, making it easy to follow severe weather that may be threatening family and friends.”   As more and more “'[e]mergency responders and disaster survivors are increasingly turning to mobile devices to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters,’ said Craig Fugate, FEMA administrator. ‘This new feature empowers individuals to assist and support family and friends before, during, and after a severe weather event.’ “’Every minute counts […]
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