Information and tips to get the best from from your EPlus Charger.

Tips for using the EPlus Charger

The EPlus Emergency Charger uses both smart technology, which allows the EPlus to communicate with your mobile device, and a rate selection switch, which puts YOU in control.

The ‘smart’ technology is used when your device is first plugged in, and the EPlus gets charging information from the mobile device. This sets the maximum rate of charging that is allowed.

The Rate Selection Switch has two positions.

EPlus charger with phoneWhen the switch is in the left  position, a maximum of 500 mA of current will be supplied to your mobile device.  This is the best selection for use with a 9V battery, or if you have several hours to charge your device. In this setting, a 2100 mAh battery will take 4 to 5 hours to fully charge, and draws less power from a weakened source. If the EPlus cannot charge your device in the fastest setting, or if you want to conserve your source, this is the right selection.


Conserving your device’s battery power

The EPlus is an excellent solution to recharging your device’s battery, but it is often a good idea to conserve power to extend the life of your battery between charges. Turn off unneeded apps, as well as any functions, such as GPS or WiFi, that are not needed. Dimming your display, or setting it to timeout when not in use are good ways to keep your device running longer.

Most mobile devices also have a ‘power saving mode’ that helps conserve power automatically. This helps make sure that your mobile device is still charged when you need it most.


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Why don't you include rechargable batteries?

Rechargable batteries don’t hold their charge for very long.
The EPlus Lithium comes with one-time-use batteries that hold their charge for 5 years.
Throw it in your earthquake preparedness kit today, and 5 years from now it will be ready to charge your phone!

What batteries can I use?

The EPlus, with its versatile cabling and unique power converter works with virtually any battery – car batteries, 9V from your smoke detector, 6 volt lantern batteries carried by emergency responders, D-cells, AA-cells – they all work.

How can I make sure I always have the right cables?

The EPlus is built in to a 4.8” X 3.6” case that not only is the charger, but has room for your cables, earphones and extra batteries.

How fast does it charge?

The EPlus charges at up to 1500 mA / hour.  On many phones, this is about 1% of capacity per minute.
The provided AA batteries supply 3000 mAh of power.  Plus, when they run out, you don’t need an outlet to recharge them, just grab the nearest battery and you are immediately back in business.

Is it tough enough for outdoor adventures and disasters?

The EPlus not only comes incorporated in a shock- and crush-proof (we’ve run over it with a truck!) Pelican ™ case, but the case is water resistant and the electronics are molded into a waterproof seal. So yes – it’s tough enough for just about any situation.

Will it charge all my mobile devices?

The EPlus has been tested with over 100 different devices, and charges them all without issue.
The new iPhones do work best a MFI (Made for iPod/iPad/iPhone) charging cable that we do not provide, but this is due to the cable, not the charger itself.
If you can charge the device from a USB port it will work – so you can use it to charge tablets, cellphones, smartphones, MP3 players, GoProTM cameras and more….
The EPlus “just works”.

Test Your Waterproof Case Before You Use It!

Before you start enjoying your complementary Waterproof Cell Phone Case, insure that the case has not been compromised by putting a piece of paper towel inside and submerging the case in water.

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