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Storm Juno – State of Emergency

by Celeste Noelle
in News

It’s looking like that wicked Juno has done a little number on the Northeast!

According to Weather.com:

Winter Storm Juno, a powerful nor’easter, continued to slam Massachusetts with heavy snow and strong winds on Tuesday, with morning high tide leading to coastal flooding across the state, causing blackouts and evacuations in some areas. High tide is expected to cause more flooding.

Nantucket residents lost power and telephone service early Tuesday morning, making it one of the hardest hit areas by Winter Storm Juno, reports The New York Times. Local authorities say it could take six to eight hours before power is restored.

Ice buildup on the island substation and stong winds are the cause of the long delay, according to MassLive. With 78 miles an hour winds lashing the island, ferry service from the mainland has been suspended and whiteout conditions make flights to the island impossible, leaving the island residents stranded.

Around 4 p.m. however, reports began circulating of power being restored to a few neighborhoods, as residents of Main Street, Quaker Road, Vestal Street, Milestone Crossing, Somerset Road, Meadowview Drive and Austin Farm Drive reported their power had been restored, according to Nantucket’s The Inquirer and Mirror.

Officials have also reported a near total loss of communication on the island. “Our phone systems are down, our cell phones are very spotty and our Internet is non-existent,” Nantucket police chief William Pittman told NBC News in a phone interview. “Television is non-existent right now so it’s been difficult to get messages out to the general public.”

With Winter Storm Juno winding down, Gov. Charlie Baker said late Tuesday afternoon that the travel ban in Eastern and Central Massachusetts will be lifted at midnight and that MBTA public transit service would resume Wednesday, reported The Boston Globe.

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