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The Right Gear For Being Prepared

by Celeste Noelle

Being prepared in an emergency can require a lot – as you well know. Here’s a few suggestions and links to help ensure you and your family remain warm and protected in the event of an emergency.

Wool Socks   

These are best to store for keeping your feet warm when there’s no heat in any emergency. Wool is antimicrobial meaning that they inhibit the growth of microorganisms so in the event that you can’t take that daily shower for a few days!


Check these Smartwool crew socks out for longer lasting protection that also is comfortable for your feet.



When you’re sitting in the cold, it matters little how fashionable you look with your gear on but, that said, there are some pretty fashionable gloves out there that will keep you nice and warm – win-win for some of you!

TheActiveTimes.com shows you 5 of the warmest gloves* (check out the Dakines!).

If you want to get really fancy, there’s always the option of heated gloves (and socks) for those of you in extreme conditions or who just tend to run on the cold side.



Why not have a little fun (and make your emergency situation a little more light) with one of these hats courtesy of EarthPorm.com.

Image from Earth Porm

Image from Earth Porm

Beanies of just about any kind will work well as long as they are long enough to cover the ears (or get some ear muffs). If it’ll keep you warm when you need it to, that’s the right hat for you.




*Derived from Active Junky 2014

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